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beamillion from Madrid

Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid

Our exclusive tour packages are tailor-made and include sightseeing, guides and interpreters. We offer museums, nightlife, wine tastings, sporting events, concerts featuring the world’s top pop and opera stars, flamenco shows, hot-air ballooning and bullfighting.

Corporate trips for CEOs or employees include team building, incentive programs, reward and business trips, workshops and conferences. 
Transfers, hotels, events, excursions and other experiences can be arranged to suit your needs.


SPAIN – one of the most exciting and chic destinations in Europe. Why see it like a tourist? You can travel in high style on a personalized tour. We cater to individuals and business clients looking for a unique experience.

Madrid’s magnificent Prado, Barcelona’s Sagrada Família, Andalusia’s historic center, Altamira’s prehistoric cave paintings, Real Madrid’s football games, the Costa del Sol’s beaches – all of these await you.